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How far out should we schedule a session?

To secure your desired date and location, it is best to schedule out at least 2-3 months in advance, if not further out. Certain times of year in Arizona fill up quite quickly for photographers: usually October-December and March-May are the busiest. Planning this far out also takes the pressure off of finding everyone's outfits and reducing stress as much as possible.

How many pictures will we receive?

My hope is that after our session together, you print your images and display in your home. All of my sessions do come with a set amount of complimentary fully edited digitals from your online gallery. All the best images from your session will be sent in a proofing gallery (usually 25+ images for you to choose from, depending on your session type). Just imagine all of your favorite images printed and displayed on your walls - that's a lot of photograph real estate! You may purchase more digitals and printed artwork after your session. Personality Portraits or the occasional Mini Session (of which I don't often offer) each have their own sets of included digitals - usually 3 to 10 images. Please thoroughly read over each session before scheduling.

When will we receive our pictures after our session?

Depending on the time of year, my turnaround time is usually 14-21 business days after your session that your proofing gallery will be in your inbox. After you select your favorites, the maximum turnaround time for final edits is an additional two weeks. All that to say, I definitely like to go faster than that. I can also do rush orders for an additional fee of $195. This bumps you up to first in line and ensures you will receive your images 3 days from rush fee payment.

Talk to me about Personality Portraits? What are these exactly? Do you travel for these sessions?

Personality Portraits were essentially created to document your a child's personality as they grow - and they grow fast! With my own children, I do them every 6 months to see how much they've changed. I deliver these in either black + white or color, and even have a vintage look I can add to your images. These aren't meant to be a "sit down and say cheese" type of session - the goal is to capture all their little expressions - happy, pensive, shy, silly, serious, and more! My preferred location is my home studio in Queen Creek or I can travel to your home for an additional fee. Home sessions can be great for those who may have mobility constraints (wheelchair, etc) or those who are far more comfortable in their own home. Travel sessions do incur a different fee and timeline and is based on client location. These are not the best choice for newborns or little one's who can't sit unassisted. However, if you don't mind an adults hands in the images of non-sitters, we can get creative and offer support for the little one to look as if they're sitting up. Team work makes the dream work! If your kiddo needs more time than the base of 20 minutes, we can look at scheduling a half session or a full session and still accomplish the same goals!

How should we dress for our session?

This depends on your location and the time of year! My goal is to offer you luxury images - this means an elevated aesthetic that's evident in your clothes! When we plan for your session, it's more than just dressing in nice clothing - every detail matters from the tops of your head to the bottom of your shoes (yes, the *actual* bottom of your shoes!) The goal is to coordinate, not match! Feeling confident is of utmost importance! Not all clothing, patterns, or apparel items photograph well, so I'm happy to guide you so that you fall in love with your images even more! I also have a personal stylist I recommend to all clients - but schedule early as she does book up quickly as well! I do have a client closet with complimentary access for all Full Sessions with items that photograph beautifully depending on the look you're going for. Client Closet may be rented from for mini or half sessions. All Full and half sessions will receive a planning and style guide.

What’s the best time to have a session with a newborn?

Within the first 2 weeks of life is ideal, especially if you're wanting all those sleepy, floppy captures! But if this timeline isn't ideal or doesn't work out for your family, there really isn't a bad time - what's most important is to document when you can - whatever that looks like for you and your family! Newborn sessions require everyone to be patient and understanding and to enter into the session with flexibility. These sessions can take place in the clients home or a lifestyle studio space.

Do you offer professional prints and product?

Yes! I am partnered with a professional printer that you are encouraged to use! It's all connected to your online gallery to make the process easy and convenient. You choose what you want and it ships directly to you! You don't have to print with my printer - your session comes with a print release for you to print wherever you'd like. Please print at your own risk when ordering product outside of my printer attached to your gallery. My computer and printer use color calibrated technology to ensure the tones I have edited into your images are reflected on the outcome of your artwork. All screens will reflect different tones, but only a professionally calibrated one will ensure your prints and artworks are done so in the intended tones and intensity.

When's the best time to schedule a graduate session?

This does highly depend on the location you're hoping to use for your session. However, if you are currently in your senior year, I highly suggest that your session occur no later than March. This usually gives enough time to get back your final images so that you can submit to the school yearbook, if necessary (although every school is different). Be thinking long ahead what type of location you'd like in your photos: desert, greenery, flowers, mountain, water, studio, etc. Do you want friends included or just yourself? All these things come into play when scheduling a session.

Do you schedule sessions during the summer in the Phoenix Valley?

Yes! However, I highly suggest you consider what your group can tolerate temperature-wise. Planning a session around the heat of the day is ideal. Summertime is a great time to schedule in-home sessions as well as studio sessions. I'm even open to traveling up north a bit to escape the heat and host a session somewhere more green!

Do you photograph weddings?

I do not. I will, however, photograph intimate elopements with 10 people or less. Elopement packages start at $2000. Send me an inquiry if interested.

Do you photograph live births?

I never have, but I would absolutely love the chance to do so! That would be pretty much the most heavenly type of session I could ever imagine!

Do you photograph any other milestone's that are not listed on your website?

Yes! I am a creative person to my core, so I'd love to hear your ideas! I also am slowly building my boudoir portfolio, which has been so enjoyable to learn and build! Do not hesitate to reach out via the inquiry form. I definitely like to always learn and grow, so I'm incredibly open to hearing your ideas! I don't like to get stuck in a box creatively, so I'm glad to listen! If it's something I'm not confident in executing, I will absolutely be 100% transparent with you as I respect your outcome as much as I do my wanting to learn new things. I'll never sacrifice your end result if I don't feel confident in what I can provide to you.

Do you travel out of state?

Yes! I will generally travel 1-2 times per year to California and have decided host beach sessions while there. 2024 will be the first year I am offering this service. I am open to other parts of the country as well! Please contact me through my inquiry form with specifics of your session to begin the planning process.

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